2015 TIES Conference: An Inspirational Experience

On Monday I attended a leadership seminar at the TIES Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota that was led by George Couros. The topic was “Leading Innovative Change”, and I was extremely grateful that many of our instructional leaders were able to attend. I really wish that our entire staff could have attended this seminar, as it was very thought provoking. Luckily, TIES had George present the keynote on Tuesday morning so the rest of our instructional leaders could hear his call to action.

To get right to the point, George’s keynote inspired myself and others to self-reflect on our beliefs about teaching, learning and our practices. While we learned many things, here’s my big takeaway– Less is more! If we want to move towards a more open and collaborative culture in our district, where we can all learn together and develop our shared vision, let’s begin with a few important things that will facilitate moving this direction.

#1) To collaborate and share our work within our schools, across our school district, and educators across the globe, we need to create our Professional Learning Network’s (PLN). I’m happy to report that immediately following the conference several of our principals have begun reaching out to their staffs to build their school PLN’s! This will be a game changer, no doubt. Get on Twitter to be a connected educator!

2) Modeling. I believe instructional leaders in education must model what our students need to see. Our students live in a digital world, and the only way we can teach them about it is if we ourselves embrace it by increasing our digital footprint and learn along side them. I have created my about.me page and dusted off my WordPress blog so I can start sharing my thoughts and learn from others.

I’m excited by the potential that technology offers for us to connect and collaborate in education. I look forward to continuing this discussion!

Author: chadmaxa


2 thoughts on “2015 TIES Conference: An Inspirational Experience”

  1. Great points, Chad!

    With PLNs, a lot of people start out by saying they don’t have time, but the converse is true: PLNs can save us tremendous amounts of time. The big challenge in life now is not obtaining information, but vetting information. PLNs and organic vetting machines! (OVMs!) that can help tremendously in getting quick and powerful answers to our questions.


    1. Thanks for reply Mike, and you make an excellent point! PLN’s can be a huge time saver; I know they have saved me a ton of time and I’ve learned a great deal in a short period of time.


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