Back At It…

An insightful article from one of our amazing special ed teachers

ms. melissa's marvels

Sometimes as a special education teacher, you get lost in the shuffle of things.  You start things sometimes that never get finished.  Your family gets the short end of the stick because you seem to be preoccupied with the lives your children live and your mind races… a lot!  You get lost in the trends, the innovations, and the due process.  Did I mention the due process?  Due dates come, due dates sneak up on you, due dates show up at your desk when you least expect them to…even when your calendar has been blinking with the due date.  It’s all part of the process.

After having recently attending the TIES Technology Conference for one day, a spark has been re-lit.  It was time to start the blog back up but get my students involved.  Technology is going to be a huge part of their education and the inevitable is…

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Author: chadmaxa

2 thoughts on “Back At It…”

  1. Thanks for sharing my blog. Your support adds to my excitement to share the truth about working in a federal setting 4 special education classroom. People ask me if I would take a mainstream job if I was offered it. I always respond with a firm “No!”


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