The Innovator’s Mindset: A Must Read For Educators

It’s not often that I seek out books from education consultants and speakers professing to have the answers to solve our most pressing problems in public education, but I have stumbled upon an amazing book that really resonates with me. I haven’t even finished “The Innovator’s Mindset”, by George Couros, and I’m certain that every educator in the world should read it.

To sum it up, this book is the holy grail of common sense that we desperately need to push public education forward so it can remain relevant to the world we currently live in and beyond. I completely understand that the problems facing public education can be complex, and since many of the challenges education faces can’t be solved in the near future we must all focus on the one thing that we can change: Ourselves! This book can help you to do just that.

I just read this blog post from Seth Godin titled “Is it too little butter, or too much bread?“, and I thought the timing was impeccable! We simply aren’t going to be getting more resources in education anytime soon, so let’s take a hard look at what we’re doing and make some changes. On one hand I continue to be very concerned about the rising mental health needs of the students in our school district, and I know this is a growing concern across the country, so I don’t mean to discount this alarming trend or others. I simply want to focus on the positive, and the stuff we can change to help the learner.

I recommend that you read this book and share it with leaders in your school system!

Author: chadmaxa

2 thoughts on “The Innovator’s Mindset: A Must Read For Educators”

  1. Glad for the recommendations, Chad. I do want to point out, though, the way you began the post. that suggests you don’t seek out educational expertise. I expect..hope?…that’s not the case and instead you intend to seek it always and everywhere. I believe we can’t change for the better until we understand the foundations of our field.


    1. Thanks for bringing this up Jane, and that certainly wasn’t my intent. I have much too learn, and I know there are many innovators in the field that I can learn from. Just enthusiastic about the message and probably could have phrased it differently.

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