Pockets Of Intentional Disruption

Where good ideas go to die. Let’s not be that organization.


“How can an organization encourage innovative ideas and allow them to move through the system? The answer is that you need to create little pockets of chaos within the larger organization.” -Ori Brafman ‘The Chaos Imperative’

Rigid, regimented routines and strict, controlled structures still epitomize the majority of our modern organizations.  Our time is proficiently planned, programmed and agenda-ized for the greatest efficiency.  Even if there were a little left over, it sure wouldn’t be wasted on fanciful ideas of imagination, curiosity and creativity.  Those ideals live in the land of the dreamers, not the doers.  Remember, if you can’t weigh, measure, or account for it…well, you know the story.

Unfortunately, our organizational talk seldom seems to match our organizational walk.

Let’s be honest, in most instances the mantra “think different” sounds great…until someone does.  We love the concept of creative, innovative thinkers, until we come face to face with…

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Author: chadmaxa


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