Creating Time: Our Responsibility and Challenge

As leaders in education or any organization for that matter, we hold a very powerful responsibility in our hands every single day. We literally have the ability to create time for ourselves and for those we work with, and conversely, we can take it away. Everyone is so busy today doing way too many things, when what we should be doing is prioritizing and focusing our attention on what’s most important.

In addition to our workloads, we have many meetings we attend or that we call. So how can we create more time? Reduce the number of meetings, and make the important meetings count! Spend more time up front evaluating the purpose and outcomes to determine if a meeting is necessary. Often times there are better ways to accomplish work than holding a meeting. How about creating a google doc to collaborate with your colleagues so the work continues, rather than being held up until everyone can meet? Having solid outcomes for your meetings will also reduce unnecessary work by allowing the participants to focus on what’s important, thereby reducing meeting time or even eliminating the need for subsequent meetings.

As leaders, it is our job to facilitate the development of a shared vision, focus efforts on that vision, and eliminate as much of the other time-sucking activities that we can. While time has always been one of the greatest challenges in mankind, the truth is we have all the time we need; it’s just how we choose to spend it.


Author: chadmaxa

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