Opinions Don’t Affect Facts


Opinions don’t affect facts, but facts should affect opinions, and do, if you are rational.” Ricky Gervais

Humans often make decisions based on their emotions and opinions, in lieu of a rational process that uses facts; I guess it’s just part of our DNA. The question I try to ask myself is “Am I being rational when it really matters or do my opinions frequently get in the way of making the best decisions possible?” I work in public education, and because the decisions we make impact our students, I want to be sure I’m doing everything I can to get this right for the sake of our students.

Certainly there are times when we might not have all the facts and we need to make a decision, so a balanced approach hopefully comes into play, but it’s definitely worth our time to reflect on our decision-making process. Do you know people that frequently make decisions based on their opinions? Have you ever dealt with someone that won’t even consider hard facts and they always default to “what they think”? I have, and depending on their role or capacity to influence others, this is cause for concern.

The synergy of teamwork can help to combat unbalanced decision-making, but many professionals are able to make decisions in isolation that impact others. The world is not black and white, and often times our approach can’t be either. I find that by bringing others into a process (or our lives) with varying perspectives, the outcomes are almost always better, no matter if it’s personal or professional.


Author: chadmaxa


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