What Is Equity? The Answer Is Not So Easy.

I recently read a blog post shared by an esteemed colleague titled “What Is Equity,” that I wanted to share from Wilder Research. The author poses the question: “Does equity require equality?” and was masterful in articulating how challenging the work of defining and measuring equity can be. I appreciated the author’s sentiments about his organization only participating in efforts to promote equity so long as they “remained inclusive and nonpartisan. At first, I thought “duh!”, and then realized that this is exactly how we end up perpetuating inequities in public education and elsewhere in society!

While each of us needs to embark upon a personal journey towards greater understanding and action in order to solve racial and other systemic inequities, it will absolutely require that we unite and work towards building a shared vision and goals. I am excited to see the outcomes from my district’s work on our strategic plan, which focuses heavily on racial equity.

Given that we are all at different places in our learning continuum of equity, this will be messy and difficult work, and we must commit to it if we intend to crush system inequities in public education. I look forward to your feedback, so please share.



Author: chadmaxa


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