I just finished reading “Essentialism, The Disciplined Pursuit of Less”, by George McKeown. It’s an easy read and one that I would recommend to those who feel: overwhelmed; constantly distracted; have lost sight of their goals; and lack focus personally or professionally.

At its core, essentialism is really about identifying your goals or priorities and focusing only on those activities and tasks that align with them. Essentialists analyze what’s on their plates and do away with things that are not contributing to their goals. To be an essentialist is to become a master of discerning between important and unimportant activities.

In the end, if you choose not to make difficult choices you will continue to spread yourself thin, feel overworked, and will have to settle for mediocrity. So what can you do to apply essentialist principles? It’s quite simple if you let it be. Take time to reflect on what’s important, identify what you can feasibly stop doing, stop doing those things, and begin questioning anything new to ensure it is congruent with your goals and priorities. Period.

It does seem that in most organizations, people really struggle with letting things go simply because change is hard. Today, with such a fast paced society and instant access to so much, we must let things go to take on new things, otherwise, we will surely kill ourselves.


Author: chadmaxa

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