We must unplug in education and get back to a focus on teaching and learning. This is one of the best blog posts I’ve read in a while.

Principal Liner Notes: Riffs from the Schoolhouse

During the mid-1990s, MTV aired a very popular series entitled “Unplugged.” The premise was to display the natural prowess of musicians in an acoustic setting. Famous artists from the Rolling Stones to LLCool J  stripped down their various hits and stadium anthems to its aural essence. It was like seeing a trapeze artist soar in the air without a net. I remember marveling at bands like Nirvana shift their musical paradigm sitting on stools amidst flowers and a cello player as they played hard-hitting tune like “All Apologies” without loud amplifiers and power chords. I garnered a new appreciation for bands like Kiss who placed a pause on Heavy Metal and emphasized harmony and acoustic rhythm guitars. It was inspiring to see Robert Plant and Jimmy Page reunite on “Unplugged” and re-discover their musical canon in a whole new setting. MTV’s “Unplugged” proved to be a good excuse for musicians…

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