Using Classroom Time Differently

I love this picture, because the students are working on stuff, not just listening to a teacher. Of course, there are times when a “stand and deliver” approach will be needed, but that shouldn’t be the standard, especially if the teacher is sharing googleable information. How a classroom operates has a profound effect on learning, and reflecting on what we do in our classrooms every day is critical to improving.

Today I’m moving on to Hack #6 in Starr Sackstein’s book titled Hacking Assessment: 10 Ways to Go Gradeless and this hack is personally one of my favorites to ponder. Reflecting on how we use our time is a very wise investment, and is the only thing that will allow us to break free and transform what happens in our classrooms. Thinking back to my school days, I would have loved to have periodic check-ins with my teachers to address my learning needs, etc. Unfortunately, that was very seldom the case, and it pains me to think so many students miss out on this.

Some ideas for effectively using time are: Creating a classroom schedule; flipping information that can be consumed in or out of school, and by using technology to remain in contact with students anytime. As Starr mentions in Hack #6, you can use Google forms to get students prepared for their conferences, so time is not wasted. The key is to use the technology to flip what you can as a teacher and student, so that the time in class can be used for doing work and student-teacher conferences.

I would love to hear about what others have done to use classroom time differently, and the role that technology played in making that possible. Please share on Twitter at #hackingassessment.


Author: chadmaxa

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