Decisions don’t have to be forever.


If you are thinking about trying something new that you’ve never done before, don’t spend too much time pondering all the things that could go wrong because it’s a waste of your time. Our decisions do not have to be forever. It’s easy to get caught up in all the “what ifs” that we forget we can adjust course again if we’ve made a decision that isn’t quite working out. Do not spend time making up problems that don’t even exist yet; spend your time refining new things, so they are successful!!!

And do not spend your time foolishly by pointing out everything that has gone wrong when trying something new; if you use your energy this way you will reap what you sow. Innovation is most often an iterative process, and the key is to take action and try new things to make your life, your organization, and the world a better place!


Author: chadmaxa

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