The Minnesota Partnership for Collaborative Curriculum

The 2015 Local Government Innovation Award: Minnesota Partnership for Collaborative Curriculum

If you haven’t heard of the Minnesota Partnership for Collaborative Curriculum (MPCC), I recommend you take a look, even if you’re not from the Land of 10,000 Lakes! There are several reasons why this grassroots effort is so important for educators across the globe. First and foremost, as we shift towards increased digital delivery, our ability to sustain expensive curriculum adoptions alongside 1:1 device adoptions doesn’t seem feasible. We have to begin curating an open curriculum that we as educators can tweak to meet our unique needs, which is a daunting task without a partnership.

Several years ago, before the MPCC got its legs, school district leaders examining their capacity to write their digital curriculum quickly found they had insufficient skill and personnel to address the content, technology and training issues related to constructing and successfully implementing digital curriculum. And vendor provided materials were expensive and unresponsive to local needs. With multiple districts moving to be a part of a post-textbook world, a radically different approach was needed. There was talk about the need to collaborate on digital curriculum but no clear vision of how to make a practical and well-managed start.

The breakthrough came when several early adopters proposed an organizational structure that provided sufficient seed money and project oversight. With confidence in this structure, district leaders were open to joining a collaborative rather than attempt this work alone; this was the birth of the Minnesota Partnership for Collaborative Curriculum (MPCC). The MPCC consortium was formed as a grassroots effort to provide all Minnesota teachers with access to high quality, easily adaptable digital materials aligned to standards.

The MPCC is nearing the completion of its first wave of 40 courses in the core subject areas in grades 3 through 12. What’s even more exciting is our new partnership with Cultural Jambalaya, a 501(c)(3) Minnesota-based nonprofit. Cultural Jambalaya is a volunteer-run organization that uses international cultural photography and video to promote understanding and respect for all people. In today’s classrooms, we are seeing a continued increase in student diversity, yet an overwhelming majority of our teachers are white. Providing more reliable cultural perspectives in our curriculum is of the utmost importance.

Please check out the MPCC if you haven’t already, and feel free to let me know if you have any questions. I may not have the answer, but I promise I’ll get it for you!

Author: chadmaxa

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