What My Best Friend Taught Me


Saying goodbye to a family pet is so hard. We had Buddy in our family for 13 years, and this guy was no ordinary dog; he was my best friend. It didn’t matter if I had a bad day and yelled at him, if I didn’t play with him when he wanted, if I didn’t give him that extra treat, or if I didn’t let him sleep on the bed with us; Buddy loved us all unconditionally.

Every single day when I walked through the door after work, he came to greet me as though I was royalty, which means he never held grudges and always forgave me for whatever I may have done to upset him. Buddy taught me a lot about the way I should be treating people I live with, people I work with, and people I don’t even know.

You will be missed dearly Buddy. Until we meet again…

Author: chadmaxa