Do all educators need an innovator’s mindset?


I’ll cut right to the chase. Every educator should have, or be working towards, developing an innovator’s mindset. In chapter 2 of “The Innovator’s Mindset“, George Couros is very clear about the fact that he believes every educator should have an innovator’s mindset, and I agree 100%.

If we become complacent and do what we’ve always done, not only will we be unable to meet all students’ needs, we are not modeling the mindset the world will demand of our students. As lead learners, we must be open to possibilities, taking risks, and reflecting on the work we do.

Last week I attended the MDE Back to School Workshop, and the keynote speaker shared this video of a boy that stumbled upon a fallen tree in the middle of the road. Everyone there just looked at the tree, probably believing it was immovable. Amidst all the adults that were resigned to the fact that they couldn’t do anything about this huge tree, the boy just started pushing.

The video reminded me that having a growth mindset and being open to possibilities, also requires taking the lead when nobody else is. Having an innovator’s mindset is great, but it’s more than that. Simply having an open mind is not enough to make a difference. Just like the kid (leader) in the video, we have to take action and just go for it!

Author: chadmaxa

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