Racial Equity: An apology and a promise

This year our superintendent’s back to school presentation was very different from previous years for one reason. This year we are taking action on a topic that we have avoided for way too long: Racial Equity. In preparation for her presentation, our superintendent tasked our communications director with creating a video about race and how the color of our skin has impacted our lives. I was one of the individuals interviewed in this video.

Being vulnerable by sharing where I’m at with race and my white privilege, and hearing the stories of my co-workers, had a significant impact on me. I need to begin by issuing the sincerest of all apologies for the unintentional hurt I have caused my close friends and co-workers that are not white. For any and all things I have done out of ignorance, I am truly sorry, and I hope you can forgive me. I promise to actively work on this each and every day so that I am not unintentionally perpetuating racial inequities.

Last but not least, I am inviting anyone in our school district to bring any racial or systemic inequity to my attention, and I promise to do everything I can to eliminate it. I am proud to work for an amazing organization that is led by a committed superintendent and leadership team that is taking action on this important work. I am also energized by the opportunity to work with an amazing staff of educators that are dedicated to racial equity.

In addition to our internal equity work, it is also important for all 287 employees to know that Superintendent Lewandowski is working tirelessly at the legislative level to address inequities such as Intermediate ALC funding, that provides fewer resources for our ALC students as opposed to independent school districts. Through our internal and external equity work, together we will make a difference.

Author: chadmaxa


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