We Rocked The First Day Of School

It’s officially a wrap! The staff and students at Intermediate District 287 completed another successful first day of school. I have worked in 287 since August of 2008, and today I observed the smoothest school start-up since I joined the district. Congratulations to everyone that made today the success it was. I am truly honored to be part of such an amazing team of passionate educators.

While we could focus on the things that weren’t quite ready, or the minor glitches that occurred here or there, let’s focus on the overwhelmingly positive things. I am going to focus on the overwhelming acts of caring and kindness I observed while out in our sites. At one of our schools, I overheard a staff member gently listening to a student that was anxious about their first day of school; I saw a concerned principal hold a meeting to discuss a student’s well-being, and I saw many other support staff giving everything they had to meet staff and student needs.

I just wanted to give a quick shout out to everyone that works in 287. Together we rocked the first day of school!


Author: chadmaxa


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