Organize Your Life With Google Keep


Do you need a tool to help organize your busy life, or are you looking for a simple way to take notes on your Android, iPhone, or laptop? Google Keep should be the first thing you look at. Why? Well, for starters, it’s free, and most people that I talk to seem to be looking for simplicity anyways. So why not start with a freebie and see if it meets your needs?

Google Keep is a great tool that I use personally, professionally, and one that I would also recommend for students too. You can color code notes, categorize them, easily make checklists, share notes with collaborators, and it all syncs across your devices, so you always have access to your notes on any device via your Google account.

If you are struggling to get organized, are ready to move beyond a hodgepodge of paper and digital notes, and are looking to become more efficient at prioritizing your tasks, I highly recommend taking a serious look at Google Keep

Stay organized my friends!

Author: chadmaxa

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